Creativity, our 21st century’s keyword

You’re an entrepreneur, a leader, a manager?
It’s time to change the light? Get a new perspective? Time for a business facelift?

Man standing on a step ladder changing a light bulb at WeWork Paddington, LondonYou’re in the right place.

Most of today’s challenges in companies, whichever their field, is renewed creativity.
Some of the school systems we go through have however shaped us a certain way and creative thinking may be something we hardly dare, trust, or worse even, avoid.

Here Marie-Hélène guides you on how to freshen up your ideas, and how to engage in the process with your team.

Come & discover your creativity potential,
unleash it,
while also unleashing your team’s creativity.

Making use of her 25 years of stage experience (lyrical singing and European affairs in Brussels), Marie-Hélène takes you through a self-awareness journey including reliable stress management techniques, finding your voice, getting heard and listened to, and thinking in unexpected creative ways.

Marie-Hélène teaches you to discover & listen to your own voice.

This unique experience works as a massive boost in self-confidence, listening and empathetic leadership skills, hence a golden key to sound teamwork.

A pure win-win!

Our business world has eventually realised how crucial creativity management is.
Loads are actively investing in training (liberating?) themselves and their staff.

Why not you?
Why not your team?

Man wearing a t-shirt with the word Creator printed on it

Discover Marie-Hélène’s
Signature Seminar Soprano & Horses
Seminars & Workshops.

Signature Seminar Soprano & Horses

What about a UNIQUE seminar,
with a classical singer coaching you on
stress management, listening, leadership, lateral thinking,
soprano marie-helene cussac with horses for leadership seminar
with a one lifetime experience with horses?

You are a curious entrepreneur, leader, manager, student interested in leading towards renewed creativity in your team & projects?

I invite you to join us for 3 days in picturesque Cantal, where May-Stroh (left) & Prince (right) will be welcoming you.

This self-awareness class has definitively changed my life and I could not be more grateful.” Delphine Combastet, Fall 2020

Two years I had been willing to launch my Self-awareness, Leadership and Creativity Management signature seminar with horses. And now Covid seemed to give us some freedom back, we eventually could! Our pilot took place in November 2022 and was an utter success, both for CEOs and students/juniors alike.

“Il s’agit pour moi d’un séminaire innovant et efficace pour guider et soutenir le changement personnel et global.” Charlotte Bourg, Fall 2020
The equicoaching component

Soprano Marie-Helene Cussac with horsesTo help participants further, during the leadership phase of the seminar, I make use of the help of my two big brothers back home, namely May-Stroh (left) & Prince (right), our two French trotteurs.

This part of the seminar borrows from equicoaching exercices, which are priceless in terms of team experience. It allows for enhanced team communication and strengthened team bonds.


Sessions are video recorded for analysis and reflection as a team at a later stage in the seminar.

Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses

Equicoaching also helps face one’s fears, from fear of horses per se or more generally speaking. Building a relationship with the animal helps overcome one’s fear of him but more intrinsically helps develop self-confidence to face other fears. It is indeed important to accompany and help teammates get more self-confident so they enjoy their mission and can eventually unleash their full potential.

Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses

Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses The inter-generational dimension

This is another unique feature of the Signature Seminar Soprano & Horses. I indeed always have invited students and junior professionals to join alongside senior executives. This inter-generational approach works wonders in terms of leadership and creativity challenges.

Creative thinking

Once the team feels confident, participants embark on a creative journey, from individual exercices and challenges to group work on business cases. The intergenerational teams work at finding creative solutions to issues using lateral thinking.

Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses

What do you take away?
  • efficient stress management tricks
  • enhanced self-confidence
  • more trust in yourself
  • more trust in your team
  • more trust from your team
  • enhanced listening skills
  • to get heard
  • to get listened to
  • to approach ‘problems’ differently
  • to unleash your creativity
  • to unleash the creativity of your team

“The first time we met Ms Cussac, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me. But retrospectively, this experience was inestimable.”
Eros Giovanetto, Spring 2022

The genesis of Soprano & Horses’ seminar

Marie-Helene Cussac singing at the European ParliamentMy signature seminar has been transforming people’s lives since 2015, when I was asked to share my own experience to help others (Sophia-Antipolis). Already when communications manager in EU affairs in Brussels (2002-2010) had I been begged by Communication consultant colleagues to share my way of doing public speaking (European Commission, European Parliament, etc.), being a… soprano. (Here singing at the EP in 2008 and addressing Nick Clegg at the French Embassy during Brexit, 2017). Then a radio journalist friend pushed me to write: Sing to Better Communicate (2013).


Marie-Helene Cussac addressing Nick Clegg French Embassy Brexit  Marie-Helene Cussac addressing Nick Clegg French Embassy Brexit

“I step out of it having grown and learned more that I even realized.”
Céline Aoun, Fall 2019

My signature seminar was originally labelled Creativity Management. When offering it to ESCP Business School, it was interestingly renamed Self-Awareness. That reflects the essence of the seminar but the ultimate goal is to unleash creativity: your own and that of your team. It is now called: Self-awareness, Leadership & Creativity Management.

“I must admit that at first, I was slightly skeptical about this seminar, though now I strongly believe that it should be mandatory.”
Luca Pipoli, Fall 2021
In the press

“Cantal: un séminaire sur le leadership et la gestion de la créativité avec des chevaux, késako ?” online in La Montagne, 26 November 2022

“A la (re)découverte de soi”, in La Montagne (paper edition), 25 November 2022

Marie-Hélène Cussac Leadership and Creativity Soprano and Horses

Next edition:

8 – 11 June 2023

Embark on an unforgettable experience

offering you
  • enhanced confidence in your self, team and creativity
  • an avant-garde & unique training mixing classical singing techniques & equicoaching
  • an inter-generational experience for outstanding experiences
  • 3 days
  • 17 hours of personalised coaching
  • in a dream-like location in the beautiful French mountains of Cantal
  • with first-class accommodation and food included


Soprano Marie-Helene Cussac with horsesSoprano Marie-Helene Cussac with horses

Prince & May-Stroh





Groundbreaking experience


Shall I ride a horse?

No stress! No need to ride to do the exercises. No prior horse-riding experience is necessary.

Which language is the seminar in?

You speak English or French, according to how you feel on the spur of the moment. What is important is to feel comfortable to speak. Sometimes, we constantly switch languages. If all participants however wish to opt for one of the two languages, it is fine too. Language is therefore not to worry about.

What should I pack/bring ?

Corporate outfits are not necessarily needed 🙂 since the experience is taking place in pretty much the French version of the Highlands. Take outfits in which you will feel comfy and warm. Re the day with horses, take a pair of boots (or good trainers) in case the field is wet & an old jacket, just in case you get a horse hug (!) For our last dinner, enjoy a casual chic note.

Soprano Marie-Helene Cussac with horses

Seminars & Workshops

A tea bad tag with the message "Don't believe in everything that you think."A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area.
Open the world’s first extreme diving school!

This is how I’ll invite you to think about challenges.

Sessions will invite you to experiment new ways of thinking & come up with the unexpected.

According to how much time you have to come aboard the adventure, we’ll create your own bespoke session.

The minimum time slot should be of 3 hours.
Workshops can therefore come in 1/2 days.
For busy company managers, the ideal session would be a 1-day seminar.

Plastic glass dispenserWithout unveiling too much of the process, creativity management workshops & seminars lead you to “fresh ideas” (saw the pic?) via :

  • discovering your (inner) voice
  • discovering your creative potential
  • developing listening skills
  • developing new ways of thinking
  • developing team management skills for creative solutions

so you discover a too often ignored creativity potential while unleashing your team’s creativity at the same time.
A pure win-win!